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Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

“…i’m starting with the

        man in the mirror…”


             “…A willow deeply scarred,

                 somebody’s broken heart

               And a washed-out  dream

              They follow the pattern of the wind  y’see

              ‘Cause they got no place to be

              that’s why I’m starting with me


      “I’m starting with the man in the mirror

       I’m asking him to change his ways

      And no message could have been any clearer

      If you want to make the world a better place

     Take a look at yourself and then

       make a…

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  1. I couldn’t find your about page on this blog, so I’m leaving my comment here. Great photos–especially of the kitty in the sun. That is my favorite. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could find yours!

    1. Hello! I thought I had an ‘about’ page 🙂 Oh well- I am in the process of trying to add an ‘’ widget. Thanks for getting back to me! I am glad we are connected!

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