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Busy day in the garden!

There are quite a variety of bees hanging out in the garden…

Bee life

Of note, a few more blooms to report 🌞

A surprise late entry
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Final Garden Update?

Flower close ups! Is this the garden’s last hurrah?

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Flower Garden Update- wild and domestic :)

It looks like August will usher in some new blooms in the wildflower garden while the potted flowers continue to look amazing!

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Strolling at Dusk

The Meadow
Flowers Minnesota Photography Saint Paul Wildflowers

Summer walk

Flowers Photography weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture

I took this last summer, laying on my back, camera pointed skyward, on a cloudy day.

Tiger Lily_edited-1

Flowers Friends Imagination Photography

More Friday garden fun…

My neighbor, and friend, Nikki, volunteered to help me set up some practice shots. Lots of giggling- no drinking- except the ginger ale :).

Flowers Perspective Photography weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: One-Shot-Two-Ways

Disclaimer: It isn’t exactly according to direction; but I learned a valuable lesson about perspective and making a photograph more appealing. Thank you!!

In my garden- lots of Black-Eyed-Susan’s…the shot from above is boring. Actually laying in the garden and shooting toward the sky (thank goodness NO garter snakes) is more interesting!

over 2


under two