We went in search of Fall; a local junket to Lilydale and Pickle Lake, parkland adjacent to the Mississippi in St. Paul.

Then and Now

It is graduation season and Father’s Day is just around the corner. It is also time to take a moment to celebrate old friends. I met up with a dear friend of 40 years to spend a  few hours chatting while the Mississippi River- still overflowing the banks- rolled on by. Today, our nephew David … More Then and Now


There is a lot of water flowing though St. Paul, MN this weekend. The Mississippi River is now expected to crest at about 20 feet today or tomorrow, before it begins receding. We took a hike to see for ourselves. No biking for awhile:  

Sunday Ramble

Lilydale Regional Park is a forested floodplain along the Mississippi and a perfect spot for a Sunday ramble. ‘Gator’ Fungus!  

Just In!

We went on a ramble through Crosby Farm Regional Park and met up with this fine fellow, or gal; a lovely Barred Owl. Perched just off a trail, dear owl was driving the smaller birds nuts, which is what attracted our attention.