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Rainy Monday

Tracking raindrops

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Another hot day in St Paul

As expected, today will be HOT and we are enjoying the porch while it is still lovely and fairly cool. 🌞 Today is a special day too; it is my partner’s birthday and I went out early to buy her favorite bakery treats and fixings for homemade ice cream. I know that Jimi over at Herman’s house will approve of that!!

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It’s going to be a hot day furriends!

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Snowy Easter Sunday

Dylan observes
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That time again…MN State Fair

Ah, yes. Another entry submitted for consideration in the MN State Fair Fine Arts Competition. This year: “Driving Rain” taken during an intense storm in September 2018.

Driving Rain_edited-1

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Snow In The City: April 14th



Ahh, Spring. The birds are chirping- tulips are…WAIT…it’s a blizzard?


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Dragon Island and Ghost Barges

The dragon of ice island

The thaw and freeze cycles have created interesting ice formations along the banks of the Mississippi River in St Paul. I imagined this one to be a dragon atop his frozen island. The other shot I am calling Ghost Barges…

ghost barges

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Sunday 2.19.2017


It was an excellent day to nap…and to take a walk!

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‘Rainy Days and Monday…’

…no problem for Dylan the tabby…

Squirrels and birds abound!
Squirrels and birds abound!

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Wordless Wednesday: Twilight Phoneography

Twilight Twilight 2