Domino’s Pizza™ and M Go Blue

bo-schembechlerWhen I was 20 and a grad student at the University of Michigan, I worked as a Domino’s Pizza™ ‘phone girl’. Seriously. It was safer in the shop that delivering to drunken frat boys.

Memories of this job popped into my head as a new Domino’s commercial sped by on the TV screen just now. It is ‘football Sunday’. I don’t usually watch football, but I am alternating between a great book (more about that later), baking– and the pre-game show…while temps hover around -10 outside.

But I digress.

Flash back to 1981:

“Domino’s Pizza, may I take your order please?”

“Yeah, hey, we’re havin’ a group over at Beau’s and need 25 pies…”

I took the order and went to rally a driver for the delivery. Mayhem ensued.

“Jesus girl, do you know whose order you just took??!!”

“The one for 25…”

The manager cut me off. “Call the number back and make sure it’s on the up-and-up.”

It was.

(Beau Schembechler coached football at Michigan from 1969 to 1989 (he infamously turned down a $3 million offer from Texas A&M in 1982). He began his tenure as head coach at Michigan with a rallying cry to his players: “Those who stay will be champions.”) Wikipedia

The new ad suggests that it is best to place your order online; calling in is just a bumbling process. Ha!

BIG mistake Domino’s.


Finding meaningful work

When one reaches a certain age, some of us like to test the boundaries. For me it meant leaving a structured environment to reacquaint myself with activities about which I felt passion as a teenager and twenty-something: photography and writing.

shadow dancersIt is now nearly a year since I took the leap and I have stumbled upon an Internship posting; one that melds my old skill set with my passion. Ahhh… What do I do to navigate the question of age? There are programs for career changers- adult internships, but those are a rarity. Is it OK to elbow in on the other opportunities? It is challenging to fit oneself back in- especially into tight spaces where there are too many bodies with so much talent. Who am I? Will it work out this time? I know I will keep exploring!