A Best Friend

Gaile and I have been friends for over 40 years. She just got her Medicare card and I am in hot pursuit of mine…only one more year.

We met up today for lunch and a ramble around St. Paul, MN. We had not seen one another for almost two years. Covid and life… It was wonderful to share a meal and a long talk with the one person who knows everything; the person who shares memories of my parents, my siblings and the places of childhood…so far from this time and place.

July Blooming

The garden is glorious, fireworks sizzled in the neighborhood and there are new places to explore in the Twin Cities. We are cautious (Covid) but hopeful…



Explore: Malcolm Yards is a new development in Minneapolis near the University of Minnesota. The Yards are also adjacent to O’Shaughnessy Distilling Company.

Rabbit Confessional

UPDATE: I started this post in late April and have since made peace with my rabbit neighbors. ‘Martha’ (a Mom rabbit, distinguishable by an odd ear issue) lives in our yard and there are a variety of baby and teenage bunnies who ramble around eating various grasses and weeds (thank you!) The newly planted rock and container gardens are thriving and are more likely to be raided by squirrels searching for phantom treasure.

April 29, 2021: I feel really awful. Well, maybe a little awful? I am guilty of Rabbit nimby-ism. 🐇 Four, very large, cotton tails were cavorting in our tiny back garden this morning. Coincidentally, I am planning to tackle the rock garden/ dirt pile on Wednesday. I stopped my work day to spy on them when I realized that they were planning on converting the rock garden patch into CONDOS for more bunnies. No, no, no, no. You are really cute, but the guy across the road has a half acre of awesome, rustic land. We had a detent which included some discussion, followed by rock rearranging and fencing. I am re-reading The Velveteen Rabbit and feel, well, just horrible.

Sunday Fun on the Block

May 16th was a perfect day. A small group of neighbors gathered to hear The Foxgloves ,  a six piece, all woman band, perform a set of their awesome blues, jazz and classic tunes. We are all emerging from the Covid haze- and really enjoyed a chance to be outside and listen to live music!

Many, many thanks to our harpist neighbor, Nikki, who organized the day. We also thank the multi-talented Foxgloves and can’t wait to hear you all again soon!

Liz DeYoe – Guitar * Martina Morgan – Bass * Steph Snow – Vocals/Ukulele

Nikki Lemire – Vocals/Harp/Autoharp * Sara Tinklenberg – Vocals/Percussion

Maura Dunst – Vocals/Fiddle/Mandolin/Guitar

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