Children, Poverty, Education, Hope- and Smiles

children3In a certain section of the capital city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (population 3,384,569) live the poorest of the poor. Families are relegated to living among the city’s trash dumps, many begging for a living, to put food on the table. Organizations like The Berhan Yehun Project Ethiopia seek to aid the children of these families through education, medical care, food and school supplies; offering hope for a different future.

The Minnesota Connection

AzebAzeb Gebretsadik, a Social Worker at The West Seventh Community Center in St. Paul, MN, left Addis Ababa at 17 with her father and four sisters. They packed their belongings and within a few weeks were on their way to Nairobi, where they lived for 18 months before making the long journey to Minnesota.

Azeb knows there are many ways to give back to the people of Ethiopia, in particular the children. One day, she would like to establish a primary and secondary school in her native country. For now, she strives to meet smaller goals through her church Action Group (Ethiopian Evangelical Church in Minnesota) – raising funds for school supplies for children in need– not unlike The Berhan Yehun Project.

If you would like to join Azeb on the first step of her journey to help some kids in  one small community within Addis Ababa, visit Azeb’s wchildren2ebpage on Crowd Rise:

Once child reached may light an entire community…and the ripples upon the water are eternal.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside (literal interp.?)

Inside“Inside”…indoors, ‘what’s inside the box?’, ‘what’s inside the little girl with blue fingernail polish’s head’, OR- (she’s thinking) ‘What’s inside that lady’s head and why is she on the floor with us?’

Pre-photo session for a good friend’s 70th birthday party. Her grandchildren are amazing!