The Daily Post: Focus

What a wonderful challenge…and how often do I feel ‘out-of-focus’ these days! Ah, but this is about pictures, so here is a recent favorite of the cats Dylan and Bagheera- looking a bit extraterrestrial… Here are my offerings for the Daily Post- Focus:


And now for something a bit more in focus from an outdoor concert last night. It was hard to know exactly where to aim- so this shot fits the theme also. My nephew is the one with the flying locks 🙂

Northern Exposure The Band Color

Daily Post: Greetings from the Stranger

“I know you…”

“No one knows me, not really. The world doesn’t allow it. Don’t you know that by now?”

She lifted her coffee cup to her lips, took a final sip and then pushed back the chair. Standing, she walked down the cobbled street- leaving the stranger to wonder what he understood at all.