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Coffee and Covid

First off: what a blessing all of you are!

Reading your posts and updates make isolation a bit easier…and, of course, enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends. All my best, Christine

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Scanning The Past No. 2: Remembering Headington

Update! I have reconnected with Kathryn by email! Over 50 years later it is my hope that we will get to know one another again. 🌞

The Fall of 1969 my family moved to Kirtlington, Oxfordshire, England for a year. My Dad began a sabbatical and I was immersed in the life of an English school girl at Headington School.

I think often of that year- an eye opening and wonderful adventure- and wonder about the friends with whom I long ago lost touch. There are two women in particular: Kathryn S. and Carole P. I remember calling Kathryn’s mother on a trip to England in the mid-80’s and being told of her marriage to a London policeman but we never made contact. Where are you now KES?

stina kathryn stuart carol picavor

Stina (me) Kathryn (back) and Carole (?) This is a photo taken by my Dad on a return visit to Oxford a few years after the sabbatical.

Another snap of friends from school in the garden behind the house in Kirtlington.

Stina Rachel Popkin Jane Perry Eva Stewart Catriona Duthie

Stina, Rachel Popkin, Jane Perry, Eva Stewart (standing) Catriona Duthie ( now a successful Barrister whose father helped organize Dad’s sabbatical)

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Take Me Out To The Ball Game

The Twins lost to Cleveland but fun was had by all…

take me out to the ball game yumWM

A Minnesota twist on the Bloody Mary?!

Only the third inning

…it’s only the THIRD inning??!!

Kath and me

Kathleen and me

Jane and Tom

Our dear friends Jane and Tom

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Forward

Forward! Charge! Full speed ahead! This is my interpretation. Life is a delightful whirlwind. Something new everyday. Yesterday ‘rock pictures’…today the lovely Katielyn and I met up again for a photo shoot at a local cafe. As she moves forward, so do I.

Thank you Katielyn, for being such a wonderful friend and model!

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Friends- and *55* years on the planet

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Priscilla Queen of the Desert- Night Out!!! Camp it Up!!