Then and Now

It is graduation season and Father’s Day is just around the corner. It is also time to take a moment to celebrate old friends. I met up with a dear friend of 40 years to spend a  few hours chatting while the Mississippi River- still overflowing the banks- rolled on by. Today, our nephew David hosted a graduation brunch :).

Dad and me in 1969:

stina and dad Rome Temple of Vesta

Spending time with Gaile by the Mississippi at City House St Paul MN

gaile in color

…and the High School grad, David, with his Mom and Dad:



Wordless Wednesday


HalleOK…a few words. This is my dear friend Halle (who has put me to work this week :)). She is a Community Organizer currently working for The Remembering with Dignity Project – with Advocating Change Together. This project is marking the numbered or unmarked graves of Minnesota’s state hospital cemeteries where former inmates, Minnesota citizens, were buried with numbered or unmarked graves. The goal is to ensure that each person has their correct information on their new grave-marker.

The Road to 100

Just for giggles I googled, ‘the road to 100 blog followers’.

Here is what I learned: it might take quite a while to get there.

Apparently a niche is important (I am thematically challenged). Today I spent time photographing a pile of smooth Lake Superior rocks. Yes, the pictures are included below. Also, I am not a mom, well- not a mom to a human. I do not do fashion and I am not such a great cook. So I will just keep plodding along with odd bits here and there, cat photos, portraits, a Minnesota vista now and again, and rocks.

Best of all, I will continue to enjoy and admire the people and critters I have met in the blogosphere!

RockcolorWM rocks2_edited-1 rocks7_edited-1

Hahaha! Told ya’! 🙂