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Our reaction to the election outcome:

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We’re All Shook Up

Dylan SecretaryJust a typical Thursday…

Cats humor

A quick post for All the Cat Lovers

No photos pleaseI had to share this!

Cat and Mailman

Family FOOD

Special Post: Jacox Family Recipe Bulletin or How I Messed with the Ginger Jelly Cookie Recipe

photo bDateline: December 5, 2013, 15:04 Central Time/ Minnesota

I have, unwittingly, corrupted Grandma Ruby’s Ginger Jelly Cookie Recipe. Yes, I intended to cut them into tree shapes (!gasp!), but I did not intend to leave out a good portion of the ingredients. Lucky for me, Minnesota has been noted as one of the states now known for cursing and being not-so-nice, dontchaknow…(seriously? People are getting paid to compile these stats? I need a job!!!)

But, I digress. I thought I measured and mixed:    photo d photo c

But…oops! They are not quite as crispy ‘cause I left out 2 cups of the “dry, day-old, cake/ cookie, or in my case, home-made-cereal-gone-wrong crumbs

photo a

And yet…they taste pretty darn good. Please note! Dear Canadian family, I proudly fly the Canadian maple leaf atop the cookie pile! photo e_edited-1