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Wordless Wednesday (on Thursday)

hawksview3 hawksview5More views of 7 Hawks Vineyards (and environs) in Fountain City, WI

Minnesota Mississippi River

Crosby Farm: Saturday

Just one mile from our home is Crosby Farms Regional Park. The original 160 acre farm was active in the mid to late 1800’s and was the largest and longest running farm in the West End/Highland Park area of St. Paul, MN. Cattle, dairy cows, horses, pigs, and chickens were raised on the farm, along with crops including potatoes and apples.

Today is is a wild, virtually untouched parcel of 736 acres; the largest natural park in the Saint Paul system of parks and it is an important component in a string of parks that protects the biodiversity of the Mississippi River corridor through the Twin Cities. “The park protects…floodplain forest and adjacent steep, wooded slopes cloaked mostly in oak forest, a scattering of wetlands and small lakes (Crosby Lake and Upper Lake), and the Mississippi River shoreline. When the Mississippi River floods fish and other aquatic animals gain access to these small lakes, which act as nurseries for their offspring.”  Source material

Minnesota Mississippi River Photography

Fall Updated!


cropped-steve22.jpgHaving been offered a construction gig in Australia (kidding) I decided upon a header that resonates: Minnesota in the Fall. in St. Paul, MN.

*Added these shots today…*