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Friday Focus

Today’s focus: The Regal Fritillary, a large butterfly similar in size to the monarch.

m3cropm2crop copyorton

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November 2016 Super Moon through the grasses in the back yard…

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Sunday Ramble

Sunday in St. Paul was gorgeous and we took advantage with a neighborhood ramble…

Minnesota Nature Post-a-Day weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

The endurance of the North Shore: Lake Superior

Community Phoneography Weather Wordless Wednesday

Wordless Wednesday: Twilight Phoneography

Twilight Twilight 2

Abstract Photography Photography weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines to patterns/ swirls (and cool posts)

lines and swirls into shapes
lines and swirls into shapes

I just liked these posts today…not all are part of the challenge, but they brought a smile, or gasp, due to the sheer beauty…

Love the spider webs by Folly Girls Photo World…one of my favorite memories of my dad is a B&W photo he took of a dew covered web.

Nature Photography

Spiders Take on WordPress

Blogger, Alles Ist Gut/ Mrs. Spider and I seem to be on the same wave length today. While in the garden last night I met this lovely lady. She is a Black and Yellow Garden spider (Argiope aurantia)- apparently quite common!

black and yellow garden spider_edited-1


Winter Trees

What happens when an ordinary tree transforms? As I continue to explore, I look at photos I may have dismissed and wonder what they would look like with more cropping, visualizing, editing. Not for the purist I suppose…but an interesting exercise!

Tree copyWM

I also looked at a couple of shots that were complete mistakes- the camera was still set on timer and just went off- snapping random shots as I attempted to regain control. The following is one I saved, edited a bit, and entitled ‘Haiku’.