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Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective #2: University of MN

UMN2I worked or spent time on the University of MN campus- Twin Cities- for a total of twenty years. Today, meeting friends for lunch, I didn’t recognize the main street that intersects the campus. Washington Avenue now sports a completed light-rail system and new student housing and other construction. Thank goodness The Big 10 Restaurant & Bar and The Village Wok are still there, side-by-side, like old friends!


Cats weekly photo challenge

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

Perspective: Is it the last bit of sun in the room or just the beginning of a brightening day? A cat is certain to find the perfect spot and always has the best perspective…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: One-Shot-Two-Ways

Disclaimer: It isn’t exactly according to direction; but I learned a valuable lesson about perspective and making a photograph more appealing. Thank you!!

In my garden- lots of Black-Eyed-Susan’s…the shot from above is boring. Actually laying in the garden and shooting toward the sky (thank goodness NO garter snakes) is more interesting!

over 2


under two