The Road to 100

Just for giggles I googled, ‘the road to 100 blog followers’.

Here is what I learned: it might take quite a while to get there.

Apparently a niche is important (I am thematically challenged). Today I spent time photographing a pile of smooth Lake Superior rocks. Yes, the pictures are included below. Also, I am not a mom, well- not a mom to a human. I do not do fashion and I am not such a great cook. So I will just keep plodding along with odd bits here and there, cat photos, portraits, a Minnesota vista now and again, and rocks.

Best of all, I will continue to enjoy and admire the people and critters I have met in the blogosphere!

RockcolorWM rocks2_edited-1 rocks7_edited-1

Hahaha! Told ya’! 🙂