Update: We are bored/ Part II

Caroline was shopping at Sophie Joe’s Emporium. I happened to have my backdrop and camera…

Caroline4 copyI know, spectacular, right?!! She is getting ready to travel abroad where she will be teaching English as a second language.

Anna was studying at my favorite coffee cafe, Claddagh, where I met up with my friend Halle:

Anna, also spectacular!

Anna in sepiatone

And Halle, wishing I would not take her photo…but I think she looks lovely!


Front Porch Studio Fun- updated!

Relatives and neighbor kids have volunteered for portraits…so CUTE!!

Please check out Front Porch Studio on Facebook and ‘like’ it, if you feel so inclined. 🙂


Front Porch2_edited-2

Best Friends
Best Friends

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I suppose my primary resolve is to continue to work at improving my photography- wherever that takes me.

My current project? Where I live.

Day by Day copy copy (2)
Day by Day Cafe, W7th Street, St Paul
Old Power Plant Detail
Old Power Plant Detail
Winter Burrrdock...
Winter Burrrdock…

Second Hand Shopping and Santa’s Feline Helpers…

A few blog posts back I mentioned Practical Goods and Sophie Joe’s Emporium in St. Paul, MN. Our household is shopping local and vintage this year and today I stopped by Sophie Joe’s. I discovered a treasure trove of cool stuff.

My list:

1. 8 picture frames so the Esther-ettes swim group (also blogged about!) would each have a photo in a cool frame. Check!

2. Hostess gift(s). Check!

3. A few ornaments: a bag of 3 handmade sheep for a dollar. Check!

4. Two lovely scarves. Wow!

Oh and must mention, the cats “helped” organize…


Snow Storm!

Snow fall Sunday- more shovelling Monday! Tried to post yesterday, but had sooo many connectivity issues…

Sunday, December 9th

The midwest is parched. Not only do we need the moisture, but it is SO pretty this morning. Lots of snow falling from the sky!

I ran some had-to-do errands early and stopped by Mojo Monkey Donut Shop, on W7th, for treats on the way home. (Bowie, you were on my mind when I selected a raised pastry glazed with chocolate ganache…).

The cat crew and I are now settled on the enclosed porch, snow on three sides, preparing to do some catch up work. As I mentioned to blogger, Ubergeek, the internet connection is spotty…aaarghh.

sparkles santa's helper's getting in shape light brigade All alone



Happily, there are alternatives to shopping malls and ‘big box’ retail experiences in the Twin Cities. I have blogged about one such place, Practical GoodsToday I dropped by Sophie Joe’s Emporium. SJE is chock full of vintage and designer clothing, jewelry, art, dishware, ornaments, toys, tchotchkes…well, you get the idea. I found some lovely frames that will work well for photographs-

Window DressingFragileHolidaze

While checking out, I met a young man browsing with his mom. He turned out to be Connor Barth, the 13 year old actor touring with the national road company of Elf the Musical. Connor plays Michael, Elf’s human brother. According to his bio, Connor has “been singing and dancing his whole life and performing in front of audiences for 3 years.” Regionally he has performed in Teddy & Alice in the role of Roosevelt’s son, Archie. We had a brief chat and I learned he is having fun with the tour experience. 🙂


Lovely afternoon!