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Hello, Fiona

Fiona is the new girl next door; well, for a little while anyway. She is the newest foster kitten and we have had so little time together due to the pandemic. I hope we meet again soon!

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Happy Caturday!

The trio in the screened window incorporates one adopted by the foster parents (the little gal in the middle) and the two Tuxies still waiting for their furrever home.

trio through the screen3


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Caturday Night

rory.jpg Happily, Caturday turned into fun and games next door. All the remaining fosters ran free around the house with three adults “supervising”. Right.

The Mouse Game:

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Happy Caturday!

Three of the foster kittens next door remain…ready to be adopted!

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Kittengarten Grad Photos 2018

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Kitten-garten on Friday

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Kitten-garten May 2018: In Session!

The latest group of foster kittens arrived next door today! Foster mom and dad, Nikki and Mike, are ready to tutor all 8 in the ways of growing kitties (and put up with the ‘pawpurratzi’).

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(Searching) FOUND!!!! for Ridley


With the help of Amy Simione-Garbarino of (and tons of Instagram love from around the world) Ridley was successfully corralled and returned home last night. The walkabout has ended!

One of my nightmarish fears is that one of the cats will sneak out and get lost in the wild yonder. A furriend on Instagram, Ridley the Tuxedo, has done just that and we are all sharing in his parent’s anguish as they muster all resources to search for him. They recently moved to the Concord/ Southfield area of MA and Ridley somehow managed to slip out of the house during the move. Please keep Ridley in your thoughts. #ComeHomeRidley


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End-of-Month Photo Dump: February

I am not being original…many of you do this. This time, Joe and Woe inspired me!

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Guitars, The Blues- and Cats


The brood5wm

The NationalBW_edited-1wm

Minnie had professional portrait Minnie and the photo shoot

Peace Out

Gabriela is a blues musician- and a cat lover. Minnie crashed the shoot. Eliot chilled downstairs on the radiator. Peace out.