Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Stina, Ginny, Thea

This picture of myself, my sister Ginny, and her daughter Thea, was taken 15 or 16 years ago. Thea is now married, her partner expecting a baby. My sister, who lives in Florida, turns 70 on February 11th. As some of you know, I recently turned 55.

As geography, time, and life experiences separate us from the classic definition of “home”, I struggle to keep it in my heart by recalling things shared. This photo is an example of such a moment.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Weekly Photo Challenge: Resolved

I suppose my primary resolve is to continue to work at improving my photography- wherever that takes me.

My current project? Where I live.

Day by Day copy copy (2)
Day by Day Cafe, W7th Street, St Paul
Old Power Plant Detail
Old Power Plant Detail
Winter Burrrdock...
Winter Burrrdock…

Weekly Photo Challenge November 9th Renewal

Perhaps I am cheating on this one?? Renewal, for me, means quitting my serious job at age 54 and doing things I really want to do! I created a photo collage.

In the photo: me, at age 7 (lots of ideas!), the sea turtle (my honu friend), photo cards from W7th Freelance, a children’s book (currently selling at somewhere around 1,250,300 on Amazon.com- guess I have some work to do on THAT project), and some shots of amazing children I met a few weeks ago while on a job…

This is renewal..