Second Hand Shopping and Santa’s Feline Helpers…

A few blog posts back I mentioned Practical Goods and Sophie Joe’s Emporium in St. Paul, MN. Our household is shopping local and vintage this year and today I stopped by Sophie Joe’s. I discovered a treasure trove of cool stuff.

My list:

1. 8 picture frames so the Esther-ettes swim group (also blogged about!) would each have a photo in a cool frame. Check!

2. Hostess gift(s). Check!

3. A few ornaments: a bag of 3 handmade sheep for a dollar. Check!

4. Two lovely scarves. Wow!

Oh and must mention, the cats “helped” organize…


3 thoughts on “Second Hand Shopping and Santa’s Feline Helpers…

  1. I’m in for that. With the crazy expensive gifts, second hand stuff sounds good. Vintage things even sounds amazing. My wife and I though it was a last minute shopping got some big savings going through the clearance items at Target as well as getting 70% off creative stuff for kids at Michaels. Merry Christmas and best wishes.

    1. Merry Christmas to you!! One of the things I love about Sophie Joe’s is it is divided into sections, by dealer. Room after room..dizzying. You could spend hours! So much fun and always changing. Have a great holiday and thank you for checking out my blog!

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