Bagheera is at the Veterinary Hospital…

Bagheera is spending the afternoon at the day hospital. It seems he may have Feline Idiopathic Cystitis…

Certainly when the Vet palpated his bladder my poor baby cried out in a way I have never heard. Of course, I then shed a few tears and felt awful. Happily, he was given some pain medicine right away and will receive appropriate medication as soon as we are certain of the diagnosis. He will be home late tonight, forever more on a special diet. No more dry food. There will be jubilation in the household! Canned cat food! What luxury! How sublime! Dylan is already celebrating, seemingly unphased by his siblings absence..

I, on the other hand, cannot wait to go collect my sweet Bagheera.


6 thoughts on “Bagheera is at the Veterinary Hospital…

    1. Hello Bowie, the doctor gave me a shot and then ANOTHER shot. After mama picked me up we had lots of cuddle time and we will have lots more today…meOW

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