Update: We are bored/ Part II

Caroline was shopping at Sophie Joe’s Emporium. I happened to have my backdrop and camera…

Caroline4 copyI know, spectacular, right?!! She is getting ready to travel abroad where she will be teaching English as a second language.

Anna was studying at my favorite coffee cafe, Claddagh, where I met up with my friend Halle:

Anna, also spectacular!

Anna in sepiatone

And Halle, wishing I would not take her photo…but I think she looks lovely!


4 thoughts on “Update: We are bored/ Part II

    1. Thank you for your comment…each encounter was unique and everyone is so kind and gracious about becoming part of a ‘portfolio’…

  1. Hi Stina,
    What beautiful women; I loved all there of them 🙂
    I would like to try simple outdoor portraits in the Spring. For now, I am living vicariously through your portraits.

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