Across the Bored spreads cheer!

I am not sure exactly how this works, but I was included in an award list for the post: Weekly Photo Challenge: Above! I have to say, the timing is excellent. Thank you!

I seem to have developed a condition I am calling “job interview Tourette’s”. I certainly have no intention of undermining the very real, and serious nature of this disorder, however, I cannot seem to locate employment due to my uncanny ability to ‘put-my-foot-in-it’ during interviews.

At least a bunch of you hang in there with me.

Well, we are off to NYC for Parallax Art Fair May 11/12. News next week!

One thought on “Across the Bored spreads cheer!

  1. Brood duck lith dat win… Oops, i mean… Good luck with that one!! : ))xx

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