55101/ Part Two: Black Dog Coffee & Wine Bar

Winter may be upon us but my pursuit of interesting places in the “hip zip” 55101 continues. Of course The Black Dog Coffee and Wine Bar in Lowertown is on my list. A favorite of many since opening its doors in early 1998, it started out as a place for coffee and conversation and has grown to include a menu of fresh, local foods, wine, and a diverse presentation of art and music.

KarlDuring my visit today I met Karl Warnke, local filmmaker. He is currently working at Black Dog, noting that Sara Remke (one of the owners) is a true patron of the arts. Karl, a regular customer, worked for the Black Dog summers at the adjacent St. Paul Farmer’s Market and signed on 3 months ago as a manager. His true passion, film-making, was recognized at the 2013 Twin Cities Film Fest. The see Karl’s directorial debut, A Letter Home, and view his other work, visit Karl Warnke on Vimeo.

liam betterLiam Watkins, First Communion After Party  guitarist was also at Black Dog this morning and graciously agreed to a photo-op. Everybody has to check out the music video, Sleepaway– awesome!

Next stop for me? Who knows!

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