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“About” Page: Revisited

bagheerabacklit2My first post on WordPress was October 18, 2012. It didn’t get views, but the second was the first of many photo challenges and introduced me to many of you!

Since that time I have tried many themes and ideas, sticking primarily with the notion of developing skills in photography. The cats, Dylan and Bagheera, have been a huge support, and have graciously agreed to photo-ops on numerous occasions. Despite their best efforts, they have not been able to help mama land a job that buys the veterinary prescription food and will pay for the upcoming dental visit (anesthesia and all that…)

So, with their encouragement, I am adopting more of a ‘magazine-style’ blog in which I will test my writing muscle– and get a bit ‘testy’ now and again. Photography is still a huge interest and the boys will no doubt appear in all their sweet glory.

So on we go– boldly in to 2014 with a new look and lots of ideas for stories and photo-ops. Thank you all for continuing on the journey…

Christine, West Seventh Freelance

11 replies on ““About” Page: Revisited”

I wish I could get my cat to sit still for long enough to take her picture. She always moves just as I take it . Am excited to read more from your no doubt wonderful writing skills. Deffo keep up the photography too.

Keep meaning to send you a private email too :0)

“So on we go– boldly in to 2014 with a new look and lots of ideas for stories and photo-ops…” – keep on blogging, Christine – and thank you for your kind comments…

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