The United States Postal Service, Travel Writing and so on…

WOW! I am starting off the New Year with a bang. The results are in from the latest job entries:

*In house Travel Writer: “Thank you for your interest in the Associate Travel Writer (in-house) position at D****P***G*. We have reviewed your application, and unfortunately we are unable to offer you a position at this time.” (I suspected this would be the outcome due to a rather nascent interest in travel writing, but one never knows.)

Rockers at Chestnut Street Inn
Rockers at Chestnut Street Inn

And then…

After an amusing visit to the post office, I also decided to apply for a position as a part-time mail carrier. This is a very straightforward process, all online. After a standard employment application one takes an exam via a computer delivery method. 180 (or so) questions later, I just knew, unless I lied through my teeth, the outcome would be bleak. The (desired) employ-ability factors seemed to be: absolute emotional fortitude– no matter what scenario might be unfolding, accepting authority without question, saying yes to repetitive tasks, and so on. Here is a snap shot of my immediate, automated rejection letter (in PDF format). I will not bore you with all three pages…



Brava! My sense of humor is in great shape and I am on to new adventures. Day 3 awaits!

10 thoughts on “The United States Postal Service, Travel Writing and so on…

  1. Sorry the travel writer job didn’t work out. That really sounded intriguing.

    I had plenty of those rejection letters when I first graduated with my undergraduate degree and my master’s degree. It seems like they use the same form letter.

    The USPS, the organization is a mess and half. My dad worked for them after retiring from the Army. He can tell you some stories.

    1. I bet he does…and he probably saw lots while in the military!! Perhaps he could write a guest post one day…I would love to hear his stories :). Thank you for always offering such great comments and, today, a lovely cat photo too!

  2. Good attitude! The week I got my job, after looking for more than a year, I had zero prospects on Monday, two on Wednesday, then two job offers on Friday. You never know what’s waiting around the corner! Keep the faith!

    1. Thanks Elisa! I am determined to have more humor about all this! I am also excited that I will be visiting my sister soon…I found rd trip airfare for $199 :). I will be doing some travel writing after all!!!

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