In Memorium: Island Station Power Plant

Even as I write this, Island Station Power Plant, built in the 1920’s and the scene of my Fall photo-shoot and escapade, is being torn down. The city of St. Paul, its council deadlocked on preservation, ended up selling the plant to a developer. The grand dame on the river, home to all manner of folks- including artists- will soon be a ghost. My “if I had a few million, I would  create a new art colony” fantasy is truly just that.

12 thoughts on “In Memorium: Island Station Power Plant

  1. It’s too bad. It’s very hard for old places to be preserved because every interested group has their own idea of what they’d like to see.

    1. :*( “They” blew it up this weekend…I stayed far away. I may go back to try and photograph the ruins- though I suspect it will be cleared away quickly. I will always remember climbing to the roof and taking in that great view…

  2. I can see why you were so distraught……..That was One Big Beauty…..
    All cool pics, but I particularly like the interior shots….I’m seriously considering a bit of breaking and entering before the Hippodrome bites the dust….
    If I get arrested I might cite you as an influence.

  3. “If I had a few million…” My thoughts exactly. This was such a beautiful building. I would jog by it and dream up such great plans for it. I just needed to figure out the becoming a millionaire part.

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