Camera Practice

It’s that time of year when I begin to think about the Minnesota State Fair Fine Arts competition. It has become quite a competitive experience, with photography a popular entry category . I have decided to focus more on experimenting and learning than the possibility of being selected to exhibit (less daunting) and am working on using the camera set to ‘manual’ in an effort to learn more about the art of photography. The cats are being very receptive models to that end!

4 thoughts on “Camera Practice

  1. Handsome shots of your handsome Dylan and your kitty puddle. 🙂

    Working with camera set on “Manual” is plenty of fun. One is reminded of the good, old days of 35 mm SLR film. (I still shoot some film.) I have one of Canon’s bridge cameras, a PowerShot S3 IS with a 12X zoom and exclusively use the manual setting. The camera is antiquated technology by today’s standard.

    Hope your practice goes well.

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