Re-purposing Memories and Giving Thanks

My dad was a wonderful wood worker and all of us kids have several of his pieces. One of mine was a four poster bed that he built from cherry wood when I was about 12 years old. Over the years the bed moved from my childhood home in Upstate NY to RI, then MI and finally to Minnesota where it no longer fit very well in any of the bedrooms. One of our young nieces, Megan, took it over at that point- until a four poster wasn’t “cool” anymore. It came back to our house where the various parts of it took up residence in the basement. Recently Megan’s dad, a talented wood worker like my father, took the bed spindles and thick side and end pieces that made up the frame. (He creates beautiful bowls and other artistic pieces.) On Thanksgiving day  he presented my partner and I with the beautiful stoppers seen below made from parts of the spindles. It was very emotional; I  could picture my dad in his wood shop- the Sears Craftsman tools humming and the Metropolitan Opera on the radio at top volume.

5 thoughts on “Re-purposing Memories and Giving Thanks

  1. A four poster bed, those are hard to find these days. I’m glad yours was able to be re-purposed.

    The Met Opera on radio, I remember that was on Sunday afternoons, sponsored by Texaco. On Saturday afternoons, they ran the old radio comedies – Jack Benny, Amos and Andy, Sid Caesar. When they went through those, it was some of the old serials like The Shadow. I think Jack Webb did a radio version of Dragnet. You and I seem to have common background growing up. 🙂

    Too bad Sears and Craftsman will longer be associated together. Sears sold off the Craftsman tool business a couple of years back, and licensed other parts of the brand. One of their tool die factories is located here locally. When Sears sold Craftsman, the factory said they’ll be continuing to make tools.


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