George Floyd

rest in justice

Demand justice. Listen. Learn. Speak with new wisdom. Act.

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preexisting condition

My first Minnesota home was at 35th and 10th Ave S, blocks from the scene of George Floyd’s murder.

my first home in S Mpls 35th and 10th


Justice now.

say their names

remember all the names part 2

hilton of mad dads

Hilton of Mad Dads said to us, “It’s a beautiful day; I am breathing and the sun is shining…”

going to kill me

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2 thoughts on “George Floyd

  1. I hope things are quieter in your city, less violence. I’m afraid the protests are becoming less about George Floyd, at least out here. It seems to be more about plain frustrations than anything else, some of it brought on by the COVID stay at home. The owner of a small print shop, my sister knows, had a brick break thrown through the front window on the first day of the local protests, which also happened to be her first day back in business. She asked the protestors what was that for; they replied it was for George Floyd. To replace the window, it is $5000. The board that’s in its place has been heavily graffitied. To pay for the window, she had to let go her two employees, who need the income. So, I don’t know.


    1. Good morning David, thank you for your reply. I think you are one of the few WordPress “friends” who comments on all manner of topics. The vandalism you write about is disheartening. In Minneapolis, more so than here in her sister city, St. Paul, whole blocks along Lake St were vandalized or destroyed by fire. Many were home to small businesses owned by people of color. There was an interesting opinion piece in the New York Times by one of these business owners that was quite remarkable. I should try and find it and share it. The thing that frightens and angers me the most is the complete absence of a unifying, moderate voice that might calm some of the underlying tensions due to Covid-19, race relations and so on. We have no one guiding us. Again, thank you David. Take care..


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