Dylan the Tabby

Dear WordPress furriends, we wanted you to know that our beloved Tabby cat, Dylan, died suddenly yesterday. It was discovered that a sudden onset of lethargy and change in his breathing was the result of cardiomyopathy. We will share more about this at another time. His brother, Bagheera, is searching for him and we are loving him up. The photos below are the last I took of my sweet Dylan. We love you Dylan.

Dylan late October 2020
Dylan Saturday morning before we rushed to emergency hospital ❤💔

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Oh no… so sorry to read this sad and painful news about Dylan. It’s always so hard to lose a furry friend. I hope the beautiful memories of Dylan can give you some comfort. You are in my thoughts, Christine.

Thank you Herman. I do count on all of you to share good news and the saddest news. Knowing you are out there is very comforting. Dylan is so loved. His brother, Bagheera, seems a bit lost but is spending lots of time with us cuddling and “talking”. ❤💔

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