Rabbit Confessional

UPDATE: I started this post in late April and have since made peace with my rabbit neighbors. ‘Martha’ (a Mom rabbit, distinguishable by an odd ear issue) lives in our yard and there are a variety of baby and teenage bunnies who ramble around eating various grasses and weeds (thank you!) The newly planted rock and container gardens are thriving and are more likely to be raided by squirrels searching for phantom treasure.

April 29, 2021: I feel really awful. Well, maybe a little awful? I am guilty of Rabbit nimby-ism. 🐇 Four, very large, cotton tails were cavorting in our tiny back garden this morning. Coincidentally, I am planning to tackle the rock garden/ dirt pile on Wednesday. I stopped my work day to spy on them when I realized that they were planning on converting the rock garden patch into CONDOS for more bunnies. No, no, no, no. You are really cute, but the guy across the road has a half acre of awesome, rustic land. We had a detent which included some discussion, followed by rock rearranging and fencing. I am re-reading The Velveteen Rabbit and feel, well, just horrible.

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