A Community Despairs

When will we learn? My cities (St Paul and Minneapolis) are, literally, on fire.

“No justice, no peace.” We demand justice for the murder of George Floyd.

Curfews are in place. Peaceful protests continue. We walked through our neighborhood this afternoon. A very different place. The world has seen the images. Cities around the country are joining in protest.

Here is my home community:

Kenny & Weekly Photo Challenges

In looking back at recent weekly photo challenges, I noted ‘cherry on top‘ and ‘details‘. This pic of Kenny has a ‘cherry’ (I love the light that floats high above his head) and the ‘details’ of the windows that open up to the ruins and sky; the rough stone, and the thoughtful pose of a young man considering his future…

Kenny at the Ruins

Sunday Phoneography: Floods, Farm Markets and Harmonica Playing

The Mississippi has arrived on a main road through lowertown St. Paul, closing it as an east/ west route. Life goes on however, as the Farmer’s Market is in full swing and St. Paul Jazz Fest sets up for the weekend.

Loring Park, Sculpture Garden, & Loring Kitchen & Bar: Minneapolis, MN October 2012

Revisiting the first blog post!

West Seventh Freelance

Playing tourist in one’s hometown can be an inexpensive and rewarding junket. On a recent October day, I decided to do just that!

My first destination was the Walker Art Center and Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

Strolling through the garden, I checked out art I remembered and new installations of note. Perhaps most recognizable, and photographed, is Claes Oldenburg’s Spoon Bridge and Cherry. On this day I chose to photograph Spoonbridge from non-tourist angles!

Minneapolis Sculpture Garden: Spoonbridge and Cherry- a different perspective

Cherry reflecting: another perspective- Spoonbridge and Cherry

My favorite piece, an elaborate canopy of steel, bronze and ceramic, suspended on cast stone pillars, is entitled Prophecy of the Ancients (Brower Hatcher).  Standing beneath it, you are truly transported, from whatever angle you choose to view it.

Adjacent to the garden is Loring Park, easily reached by a walkers bridge that traverses Lyndale Avenue. This day the park…

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Winter Wares: Ceramic Arts To Have AND To Hold

circa1.jpgAn evening of ceramic and glass art showcased by the fine cuisine of Sapor Cafe & Wine Bar was the perfect prelude to Winter Wares, a companion event held at Circa Gallery, Minneapolis, MN, December 13th.

Winter Wares provided a festive, personal venue in which supporters, collectors, visitors and fellow artists could browse and meet-and-greet. The work of ceramic artists, Nick DeVries, Victoria Dawes, Will Dix, Adam Gruetzmacher, Mike Helke, Joe Kraft, Nick Moen, Erin Paradis, David Swenson and Jason Trebs was on display. Guests took full advantage of the ‘pottery dessert formal’ theme, purchasing items in which to enjoy the desserts and beverages provided.

The evening’s host, Tom Lancaster, friend of artist Nick Moen, shared a story that highlighted the accessible, multifaceted nature of the art– and the event.

“A guest of the exhibit arrived and indicated that she was visually impaired. She was worried about experiencing the show; how she would ‘look at it’”.

“I told her not to give it a second thought. We walked through together and she marveled at the pieces that were so ‘visually tactile’…like a mug with an intricate, patterned surface and the plate by Victoria Dawes that has a bite mark constructed in to the design– she was just blown away by those pieces and bought them to add to her collections.”