A Community Despairs

When will we learn? My cities (St Paul and Minneapolis) are, literally, on fire.

“No justice, no peace.” We demand justice for the murder of George Floyd.

Curfews are in place. Peaceful protests continue. We walked through our neighborhood this afternoon. A very different place. The world has seen the images. Cities around the country are joining in protest.

Here is my home community:

6 thoughts on “A Community Despairs

  1. It’s incomprehensible that such incidents like the murder of George Floyd still happen in our times. It makes me feel so sad and ashamed. Justice for George and all the other innocent victims. Now!


  2. The last few months when people part, they all say: Be safe. They’ve been referring to the virus. Now, to you, living there, to say Be Safe has new meanings. Such sad times we are living in.


  3. Hi Christine – I am glad you are well and safe. When I saw part of the news last night, that how the riot/unrest was filtering back into neighborhoods, I hoped you were safe. As a practice, the last 2-3 months, I’ve opted not to watch the news. When I heard the story of George Floyd dying, I really hoped it wouldn’t lead to what you are experiencing up close, what I’m seeing from a distance.

    It is a sad, sad moment. Mr. Floyd, having to lose his life, it didn’t need to happen. Unfortunately, this is what happens when we talk past each other rather than listen, and we’ve been talking past each other for much too long.

    Seeing Fresh Grounds all boarded up, it must hurt. I know you were looking to stop in and savor its atmosphere and coffee aromas when COVID was no longer a concern.

    Stay well, stay safe.

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts David. As you know, Fresh Grounds has been the source of blog posts and is an important anchor in the neighborhood- as a place that trains and provides housing for young people in recovery. I shut down my Facebook and Instagram as I was disgusted by some of the rhetoric from people that have no idea what it is like to experience all of this. *sigh* 2020 feels like end of days at times.


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