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Scanning the past

With the help of an Epson scanner, I am starting to sort through photos from the 1940’s and slides and photos from the 1960’s through the 70’s. Regrettably, the slides were kept in less than optimal conditions but it is a worthy challenge :).

skippy grandma mark ginny mom 1948 canada

1948-  My brother Mark, sister Ginny, mother, Florence, and Grandma Ruby enjoy a vacation in Canada- as well as Skippy the dog.

john jacox 1948 canada

Grandpa John 1948

ginny and mark

Ginny and Mark- somewhere in the Adirondacks 1948

stina grandma ruby no filter

The next generation to find a love of the woods; Me with Grandma August 1961- 58 years ago.


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Christmas Eve 2014: Sparkle!

sparklers2…and a good time was had by all!

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Family Portrait

Time for the annual holiday portrait: a friend, her spouse and canine kids!

Lindsey and Coleman family2

everyone looks smile lulu undercover agents in the park‘Out takes’ 🙂

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Wordless Wednesday: The Groom’s Socks


Blogging Relationships

Blogging Relationships as Preventive Medicine…

Curious? Well, it has to do with my connection to ‘expat blogger’, who writes  Oh My God My Wife is German. In a recent post he wrote about visiting the Portland, OR kitchen store, Kitchen Kaboodle ( I checked out the website and saw this cool tool for avocados (and ordered one- the rest of the story follows the photos):

Expat and I ended up chatting about Kitchen Kaboodle and I shared the story about slicing my middle finger on a steak knife while pitting an avocado a few years back. So the way I see it, informative blogging and sharing may prevent unnecessary trips the the emergency department for stitches!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Threes

As many of you probably know, ‘food trucks’ are all the rage in many urban areas. When young friends, Nathan and Leah, celebrated their engagement last summer, their parents surprised them with a cupcake food truck!

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Awesome Neighbor Award (& The Faucet)


My neighbor, Jim, has a small auto repair business that he runs out of his home garage. He is an amazing guy and, it seems, is always around to rescue me when things go wonky.

Just a few examples:

Last fall I dropped a huge window on my hand after the rope sash broke, crushing two fingers. Jim administered ice and Advil and tolerated my blubbering.

He has, perpetually, put air in the car tires this year as they deflate each time the “polar vortex” dips south.

Today, Jim rescued me after I began a do-it-myself replace the kitchen faucet project. The dang thing, corroded, snapped off in my hand, the day-before-yesterday. I was determined to do this one on my own. After buying the replacement faucet and all I needed (or so I thought) I did my level best to remove the old, rusted out parts.

Good Neighbor!
Good Neighbor!

Well, my guardian neighbor may have heard me cursing like a sailor, because he showed up on the scene armed with tools.

We ended up making an event of it. We took a trip to 7 Corners Hardware (a St. Paul institution just sold to a developer- alas) for the things I didn’t know I needed and went out for a sandwich at Acme Deli on St. Clair.

Jim and meAs I write this there is a new faucet; we got lunch, Jim got to sample a few of my peanut butter cookies and I am going to re-frame a poster for him! Bartering and neighboring at its best! (LOVE my neighbor Jim!)