Family: Girl goes South

Thank you family!

We are a geographically scattered lot. Though begat from five siblings who grew up in Alfred, New York, the ‘extendeds’ (three generations and counting) live coast to coast.

The stark contrast to this is my partner’s clan- all Minnesotan, most in the Twin Cities. There is no need to catch up after months- or years. It is difficult to explain this dilemma to people who have not lived it.

When I go to see ‘my people’, the rough edges and deepest emotion of family bloom.

This year I traveled to St. Augustine, Florida for the newest tradition- the 2nd Annual Southern Thanksgiving, hosted by my 2nd cousin Jess.

There is some inevitable name fumbling and awkwardness, but only for a few moments. Jess handed me a glass of Médoc and one of the Boston terriers dropped a tennis ball at my feet and, well…it is family- blood. The green bean casserole tasted better somehow. The cranberry relish superlative. The laughter and jokes are, well, genetic.