Practical Goods or The Shop Around the Corner: Update!!!

There is new stock at Practical Goods, so I updated pictures from the store!

PRACTICAL GOODS, owned by Wendi Ward, has been a local business fixture since 2002. An offshoot of her interest in historical reenactment and the fur trade, she amassed  a huge collection of trading post blankets and memorabilia and decided it was time to open a shop.

A holdout against the ever present threat of corporate land grabs and takeovers, Wendi remains a stalwart presence on Randolph Avenue in Saint Paul, MN. Her business sits near a busy intersection and has been the subject of a take-over, along with the other locally owned establishments on her block. For now, Wendi is secure, and the passer-by and shopper can take in the array of color and variety of objects for sale (or barter!).

PS: The Raggedy Ann Doll photo- the doll on the right is mine- brought her along for the picture (she is REALLY old!!)