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And The Best Picture Is: “The Broken Circle Breakdown”

circleAfter an impromptu ‘film conversation’ with Herman of I had the immense good fortune of watching The Broken Circle Breakdown.

Here is what I learned from Herman before viewing: “The 39th annual Cesar Awards, France’s big film prizes handed out by the Academy of Cinema Technical Arts and Sciences, began yesterday evening at 9 p.m. at the historic Chatelet Theatre: Félix Van Groeningen’s Flemish romance drama “The Broken Circle Breakdown,” which is nominated for an Oscar, won best foreign film…”

This film plumbs the depths of relationships, spirituality, music, medicine and science unlike anything I have ever seen. I will not say any more, because I could cry and rant and sing as the characters do. Do not be fooled by the movie poster. Go to a theater, download from Amazon; do whatever you need to do to watch this amazing film…

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Glad you liked the movie, Christine. And yes, I couldn’t stop crying myself. Let’s hope “The Broken Circle Breakdown” will win the Oscar tomorrow!

Sorry…still sad about it. Read a little about Italian film…sounds
like big budget deal. In my heart, the real winners are the amazing characters I met and will always remember in the BEST film…thanks to you and Mr Bowie for the information-

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