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A Black parent talks to his daughter

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Wild (Woke) W7th, St Paul, MN

I wanted to share a few images from a 4 mile walk around our neighborhood. W7th strong! The first picture is of two small business owners about whom I have blogged over the years (7th Street Tattoo, 7th Street Barbers).

Also pictured is Shamrock’s Pub and Schmidt Brewery Complex and Keg and Case Market.

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A Community Despairs

When will we learn? My cities (St Paul and Minneapolis) are, literally, on fire.

“No justice, no peace.” We demand justice for the murder of George Floyd.

Curfews are in place. Peaceful protests continue. We walked through our neighborhood this afternoon. A very different place. The world has seen the images. Cities around the country are joining in protest.

Here is my home community:

CDC Community Covid-19

For the CDC…

My contribution to CDC recommendations.

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Waste-not-want-not soup

I am even more mindful these days about not wasting food. Last evening’s meal was a hodge podge of leftovers and some broth. It was quite good!

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Coffee and Covid

First off: what a blessing all of you are!

Reading your posts and updates make isolation a bit easier…and, of course, enjoying a good cup of coffee with friends. All my best, Christine

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What now?

I haven’t posted since late October and am still trying to wrap my mind around Covid-19 as we shelter, and work, at home.

Our thoughts are with our friends and furriends around the world.

Today we offer a sleepy nod from Dylan the Tabby…

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The Staycation is Winding Down


We have had a wonderful week enjoying local sights and tastes! A true “staycation”, we explored places in Minnesota and Wisconsin, including hiking in Carpenter Nature Center and trying out a new breakfast spot in St. Paul: Hope Breakfast.

Carpenter Nature Center has two campuses: the 425-acre Minnesota Campus with more than 10 miles of hiking trails and, just across the St. Croix river- the restored prairie and wooded bluffs of a 300-acre Wisconsin Nature Preserve. (Thomas and Edna Carpenter moved to the St. Croix Valley in the 1940’s and left their spectacular property for future generations to enjoy.)

This morning we wandered into downtown St. Paul where the brand new Hope Breakfast spot just opened. Yum!  Located inside St. Paul’s oldest firehouse, the restaurant is serving amazing food and will pledge 3% of its annual profits to neighbors in need.

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Snow In The City: April 14th



Ahh, Spring. The birds are chirping- tulips are…WAIT…it’s a blizzard?


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Wordless Wednesday

harp in shadow bw wm