Bagheera Meets Brando

Bagheera Brando“I could have been somebody…I could have been a contender!”

I now live with a cat with ATTITUDE. While moving boxes in after a weekend art festival, the intrepid Bagheera made it to the threshold of the door to THE OUTSIDE. With his adorable nose pointed skyward, and one slender black paw touching the warm cement of the top step, he paused. I dropped a box of goods and hustled him into my arms.

“Oh no baby, no, you are my best little indoor kitty.” Looking up at me he gave me a disdainful look- like Brando after a street brawl in On The Waterfront.

Life will never be quite the same…or maybe it will. He is currently sound asleep next to me on the couch- perhaps dreaming about the mean streets of St. Paul…


5 thoughts on “Bagheera Meets Brando

  1. That’s the look of cat you don’t want to mess with… And I know something about cats, believe me…

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