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Black Cat: Wordless Wednesday

Black Cats Cats

Another Week Begins..

Are you ready for the week Bagheera? Would you prefer another Sunday, or two, to lounge with your humans?

Black Cats Childhood Memories Minnesota neighborhood Saint Paul

Love from St Paul Minnesota

Greetings of the season to all our dear WP friends. Wishing you all a peaceful, healthy holiday and New Year.

Black Cats Cats Covid-19 Minnesota

Moving Along…

We are adjusting to life without Dylan the Tabby and appreciate the hope of President-elect Biden. The virus is raging in Minnesota, however, so caution is still the rule. Bagheera is finding his way with the help of a glorious cat-cave that we got him as an early Christmas gift ❤.

#Notmypresident Black Cats VOTE!

Anger Management

The only way, some days, to assuage my anger at my government….well, one trigger specifically, is to take cat pics. Breathe.

Black Cats Photography Weather

Rainy Monday

Tracking raindrops

Black Cats Cat behavior Cats

The view from here part two

Find the cat…

We will be here if you need us…

Birthdays Black Cats Photography Weather

Another hot day in St Paul

As expected, today will be HOT and we are enjoying the porch while it is still lovely and fairly cool. 🌞 Today is a special day too; it is my partner’s birthday and I went out early to buy her favorite bakery treats and fixings for homemade ice cream. I know that Jimi over at Herman’s house will approve of that!!

Black Cats Cat behavior Cats Tabby Cats

The view from here

Black Cats Cat behavior Covid-19 Saint Paul St. Paul MN Tabby Cats


Happy Friday to our furriends around the world ♥️♥️

Safe at home