4 thoughts on “Women’s March St Paul

  1. Hi Christine – Big march in your parts. Locally, not too many. Most went to Denver. It drew some of the local Trump supporters out. While some were protesting the marchers, one Trump supporter argued with another saying the marchers were exercising their right. “It is America after all” was the reason. The comeback of “no it isn’t” was nonsensical – so much so that exchange made the local TV news. As disturbing it may sound, it’s best placed in the category of “stupid is stupid”.


    1. Darn. I am always too late for comments on your interesting posts. I find I can no longer debate the merits or deficits of what was- now faced with the burdens of ‘what IS’. I too feel a need to be vigilant- daily- to watch the confirmation process go forward- become a better, more involved citizen in my own neighborhood, community, state, etc and find it in my heart to understand what I do not…


      1. The only two cabinet officers I have confidence in are Mattis at Defense and Kelly at Homeland Security. While both are recent military retirees of major commands, they know how to run large organizations. Mattis has already had run-ins with the Trump people regarding other appointees. He’s also reluctant to endorse military actions if the objective/reason is not clear. The same goes for Kelly. My guess is they won’t be staying long. With the exception of Chao at Transportation, the rest of his cabinet is what you expect to see of a crony-type administration.

        Though I trend conservative in my political opinion, I can see the point from an opposing view. I don’t like the polarization that has occurred in which we talk past one another. It’s too much of “you have to see it my way” line of thinking. The common ground is out there, but we have to work for it.

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