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  1. It most ironic when acting AG Sally Yates was fired Monday evening for doing when posed with the question by Jeff Sessions during her confirmation more than two years ago – “would she say no, Mr. President, I will not enforce a directive that I believe is unlawful.” However, it should not be surprising this particular directive caught Mattis at Defense and Kelly at Homeland Security completely off guard. Mattis said the directive, in his opinion, is highly dubious and Kelly said its vagueness makes it difficult to enforce.

    Regarding SCOTUS nominee, Judge Gorsuch, I met him at a bar association mixer with my niece 2-3 years ago (the niece wanted someone to go with her). Very nice guy. What’s impressive about him is that listens. My niece says what she likes about him is that he asks hard questions of everyone in court.

    Here’s an article you might find interesting:

    Eliot Cohen, the author was an official in the State Department during the Bush 43 administration second term. He advised many not to take a job in the Trump administration for precisely what you are seeing now.


    1. David, I cannot begin to tell you how important this article is to me. Thank you so much. I want to read it more carefully and send a longer reply- am just so tired tonight. I will say that I have been crying- my heart went out to Judge Gorsuch and his wife last night when that buffoon was introducing him. Everything Trump does is about self…I do see hope in the character of his nominee however and appreciate your perspective. With regard to the acting AG…well, what does one do in the face of such chaos? So long for now. Thank heaven for the kitties..


  2. An article on Judge Gorsuch:

    It gives a good insight into his thought process.

    The unfortunate part, some remember his mom, Anne, who ran the EPA during Reagan’s first term. Her real “sin” was trying to straighten out the Superfund process (which was a mess) and was a straight-to-business woman on the job. Her time at EPA was very rocky. She passed away from cancer a number of years ago.

    Pet the kitties. πŸ™‚


  3. It was perceived by many Gen Mattis at Defense and Gen Kelly at Homeland Security would not stand-up to Trump by those who support and do not support him. The mess regarding the immigration directive issued by Trump, Gen Kelly did stand up to the WH. This is article:


    The reason why the federal courts have ruled against this order is that it is unlawful. Part of the enforcement relies on foreign authorities and the airlines. Neither are authorized under federal statue to enforce immigration law. The larger reason why it is unlawful, those who were detained here can assert their privilege to be represented by an attorney and to have a hearing. It is a black letter constitutional law.


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