4 thoughts on “Another Week Begins..

    1. Oh David…just reading the NY Times and news about Boulder. Every day my heart breaks about the state of things…and then I worry more about people who may be near to the chaos.

      1. Hi Christine, yeah … when you think things can’t get worst, they do. I find this Boulder shooting to be very surprising. We live about two hours away from Boulder, so we’re far from the chaos. I thought if there was a shooting at a supermarket or anywhere else, it would be over mask wearing or other COVID restrictions. On that front, it appears the mask order and other restrictions will be lifted next week and left to the local county/city level regarding COVID measures. I consider that to be a major, major mistake, especially with four different, more contagious variants in the state.

      2. I completely agree with you about Covid-19 and restrictions…I suspect “we” as a country won’t get in line until we go through surges again and again. I am relieved, fellow WordPress’er, that you are OK. I just keep praying for everybody… Bagheera sends greetings

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