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Wild (Woke) W7th, St Paul, MN

I wanted to share a few images from a 4 mile walk around our neighborhood. W7th strong! The first picture is of two small business owners about whom I have blogged over the years (7th Street Tattoo, 7th Street Barbers).

Also pictured is Shamrock’s Pub and Schmidt Brewery Complex and Keg and Case Market.

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While these protests began about Mr. Floyd needlessly dying, I’m afraid the protests may no longer be about him. Instead, they have become about every bit of frustration felt with this presidency – the daily insults, the incompetence, the indifference, the stupidity, the idiocy, the lack of leadership, the pandemic, etc.

Tonight, the police in COS has gone to a modified tactical alert. I thought, “WTF is going on?” Apparently the violent element of last night’s (Sat night) protest march ended up in front of the police HQ building. To disperse them, the police fired tear gas. The thing is the police HQ building is located near low income neighborhoods, who have welcomed the police presence. These neighborhoods in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s were plagued by high crime.

Last week, I would have told you the lifting of COVID restrictions was being done too soon (still are). But it seems the fabric of America is being rip to shreds, and both the anarchists and Trump are reveling in it.

You be safe, Christine. Same to your kits and friends.

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