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Busy day in the garden!

There are quite a variety of bees hanging out in the garden…

Bee life

Of note, a few more blooms to report 🌞

A surprise late entry
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Final Garden Update?

Flower close ups! Is this the garden’s last hurrah?

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Monday morning and wildflowers

A fierce thunderstorm swept through in the early hours and I still hear some rumblings of thunder. The little wildflower garden perseveres despite the downpour! On Saturday, a hummingbird stopped by to feed on the red blossoms 🌞.

Minnesota Photography w7th neighborhood Wildflowers

Friday update from the wildflower garden

There are a few new stars of the garden!

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Flower Garden Update- wild and domestic :)

It looks like August will usher in some new blooms in the wildflower garden while the potted flowers continue to look amazing!

Flowers Minnesota Photography Saint Paul Wildflowers

Summer walk

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Happy weekend furriends

Gardening Photography Wildflowers

Update from the wildflower garden

Gardening Minnesota Photography

The Wildflower Garden

The secrets of the wildflower garden are slowly being revealed. I look forward to sharing updates. 🌞

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Rainy Monday

Tracking raindrops