Aunt Norma

My Aunt Norma died last week. She was my Dad’s youngest sister and the last living sibling at 92. Norma brought out the best in people. One of my cousins remarked on this. It was definitely true regarding my father, her big brother, who could be crabby, gruff, silent…you name it. Norma managed to smooth out those emotional wrinkles and made many a Christmas day and time spent at the cabin in the Adirondacks a sheer joy.

Today I took a shot at baking a German Chocolate Cake, one of Norma’s signature desserts; it looks a little odd but it tastes pretty good. Not as good as Norma’s but I wanted to remember and feel close.


10 thoughts on “Aunt Norma

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. My mother’s name was Norma. On both parents sides I only have one Aunt each left. So thankful for the memories…

  2. So sorry on the passing of your Aunt Norma. 92 years says there was much to celebrate, and the many good memories.

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